We sell lovenly used items

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If your one of the many people who appreciate a great deal on a used versus new, then you come to the right place!.
Are you the fixer uper type, do you love to tinker?
Are you in search of parts that until now you could only find at higher priced new?
Do you like to barter, if you do we love to offer you any item at a reduced price to make it more affordable for you to purchase.

Stuff of good use

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What is stuff of good use?

Any item that still works but you replaced it with the upgraded version or you no longer have a need for this item?

Up-Cycle, re-use it

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What is up cycle?

Any item that has a purpose to be re-used, where old products are given more value.

Why buy new?

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Your mouse that you had for years finally bites the dust, so off the the retail store you go to buy a new one? Some items you need to replace can only be had by buying brand new, others can be replaced by buying slightly used at a greater value to you and to your wallet.

Salvage yard

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We offer you a place like no other, a place to call or check in with before you head out to the retail giants and spend your hard earned cash or worse yet you put it on credit. Take the time to check your resources available to you, here we offer that resource, at a fair price for a value added services.